Jack Harrer and Peter Annaud

Once Jack Harrer hears news of a boy that may have a dick bigger than his he is very quick to try and find out if it is true or not… and also to try it out.

We first started filming in earnest with Peter Annaud during one of our trips to South Africa, and thus it happens that Jack manages to find him laying on the beach and taking in some sun.

In what has to be one of the world`s shortest greeting `Hey are you the new guy with the big dick` kind of thing, Jack sets about seeing how he can handle Peter`s big and fat dick.

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Tim Campbell and Jamie Durrell

Sometimes the best moments in life happen just by accident, and when Tim Campbell is around, life can certainly contain many unexpected events, as Jaimie Durrell is to find out.

A nice romantic trip around the lake ends up a bit more wet than the boys expected when they manage to capsize their canoe… don`t worry though, being all wet at least gives them the excuse to go and dry off somewhere more private!

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Jean-Daniel Chagall and Adam Archuleta

One thing that we learn from today`s clip is that it is not too hard to convince Adam Archuleta to have sex, at least it`s not if you look as cute as Jean-Daniel Chagall does!
With two of our most popular boys, we`re sure you are going to like this, even more so if you have a little bit of a foot fetish… This scene is filmed on location in Bratislava.

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Manuel Rios and Dylan Maguire

At first blush you may think that Manuel Rios and Dylan Maguire make a bit of an odd pairing with Dylan at the beginning of his time with BelAmi and Manuel towards the end of his, but the 2 boys actually have quite a lot in common, not the least of which is an insatiable sexual appetite and the willingness to try almost anything… and did I mention little or no inhibitions.

In Part 1 of this flip flop special we have Manual on top, which means in Part 2, we get to enjoy watching Dylan return the favour.

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