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Greek Holiday Part 10: Julian Armanis and Yves Carradine

Julian_Armanis_and_Yves_Carradine_headAnother 2 new faces appear in the Greek Holiday series today. Julian Armanis and the elegantly beautiful Yves Carradine.
The scene opens with the boys playing together on the beach, but the boys quickly decide that for what they want, somewhere much more private is required.
Both of these boys were amongst our A-list at the time and it is not hard to see why in this beautifully shot and romantic scene.

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DVD: Lukas in Love – the Orgy Scene

DVD: Lukas in Love - the Orgy SceneToday’s content is the first film in our orgy month spectacular and George Duroy‘s personal favorite.

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The boys rush off to the Turkish bath. Curious, Lukas follows them. When he opens the door he sees a mass of intertwined bodies. Years before, when Lukas walked in on an orgy he just watched. This time he joins!

It was filmed in 2004 at a hotel in South Africa and was seen in the DVD Lukas in Love. Unfortunately, this beautiful Turkish bath was subsequently razed by a new owner, who built a regular sauna in its place.

This scene personifies all that BelAmi is about; hot boys, big cocks, pure sexual attraction and passion! See all your favorites, such as Lukas Ridgeston, Josh Elliot, Sebastian Bonnet, Yves Carradine, Ethan Clarke and Rick Fontana, together in this legendary moment in time.

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DVD: Orgies – 2 disc set

DVD: Orgies - 2 disc setOur first ever collecyion DVD. 2 disks jammed full of the best of BelAmi Orgies. A whopping 10 orgies and 69 different guys.

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The very best of BelAmi orgies collected here together in this special 2 disc edition featuring all of our major stars, like Brandon Manilow, Ethan Clarke, Jason Paradis, Josh Elliot, Lukas Ridgeston, Marc Vidal and Mark Aubrey.

In this new DVD Orgies you’ll get all the major orgies with more than 4 models released by BelAmi Collections.

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DVD: Orgies 2 disc set

“I decided to define as an orgy any episode with four or more boys.”
Georg Duroy

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Trip Field Orgy

The orgy from the DVD Just For Fun (2003)

Just For FunThis was what I am calling an unplanned orgy. We had arranged a large photo shoot in an historical village, an open-air museum (similar to Colonial Williamsburg in the United States). We had rented a building with one big room, very dark, with small windows. You could also stay in this place. And I thought, we’ve come all this way, perhaps the boys want to make extra money and we can film something. They were only too happy to make a little extra money!

However, we were only to be there for a couple of days, so there was no way to shoot a complete episode. And I realized if I had picked only a couple of boys to shoot a full episode, all the rest would be pissed. So we filmed this orgy.

It was a very tight, long space. Many of our first-generation models were included and there are many customer favorites: Julian Armanis, Mark Aubrey, Yves Carradine, Jason Paradis. I provided beer and pizza and for the first half of the scene. Then we simply filmed and let the boys do their own thing.

Being young and horny and filled with testosterone, there was a lot of competition. For example, there was a competition about who was going to do a striptease on the table in front of everyone. I believe this opening part [spoiler] is one of the most spontaneous and entertaining times we have seen our boys in their element. It was completely unrehearsed. It was very difficult to cut it down because we had over one hour of very funny material.

Due to the pizza, we paid an unplanned homage to Mr. William Higgins (perhaps I am the only one who remembers his movie “The Pizza Boy: He Delivers” from the mid-’80s). However, a little pizza parlor was the only option we had for miles around. Thus, we had no other option but to pay this tribute.[/spoiler]

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