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Condom Free: Jim Kerouac and Daniel Mathis

For today`s Night Scene update Marty Stevens has included a little bonus for those of you who have a thing for guys in jockstraps, both Jim Kerouac and Daniel Mathis start out in matching ones from a well known men’s underwear brand.
As you would expect from the pairing of our quintessential top, Jim Kerouac, with perfect bottom, Daniel Mathis, this scene is a meeting of perfectly compatible partners.

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Jim Kerouac and Roger Lambert

It seems that Jim Kerouac has some car rules that force all cute boys to remove their pants before getting in the car with him, not that we mind a bit, but think that Jim should have also played by the same rules himself!
This clip was filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston (for those of you who can pick his directorial style) and we see a lot of natural, unrestrained passion from both guys. Roger Lambert is one of our models that really enjoys getting fucked, and he shows his appreciation to master fucker Jim by shooting his huge load all over his chest while still getting fucked.

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Jim Kerouac fucks Marc Ruffalo

On first review we were thinking of titling this clip Fountains of Cum, but then decided not to get you all too worked up before seeing the clip. Jim Kerouac is back today in a scene with athletic and handsome Marc Ruffalo. We can always count on both of these boys giving us their everything in any scene, so when paired up together our expectations were quite high…. and neither boy disappoints.

Marc is the first to shoot his load with Jim`s big dick still buried deep inside, and Jim is not far behind him, being pushed over the edge by seeing his partner hoot his load up and all over his belly.

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Jim Kerouac and Hoyt Kogan

We know that whenever we see the name Hoyt Kogan we expect the Adonis that he has been transformed into.

But the truth is that BelAmi still have a few scenes with him that were filmed when he was more Bacchus than Adonis. This happens to be one of them. His scene partner here is Jim Kerouac, whose body at this time was already perfection.

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