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Orgy from the DVD ‘No Experience Necessary’

No Experience NecessaryUnless you’re on Viagra there’s no way you can sit through this video, with its twelve episodes, and expect to walk away without a bad case of wobbly knees. There’s far too much testosterone being spurted about from too many boys—fifteen trainees, seven trainers and two cameramen—to survive one sitting. It took me three days and even then I was left physically exhausted from the experience.

Sex between bigger-than-life Adonis’s requires the biggest of screens.

If you can’t find a model or two that strikes your fancy out of the fifteen newbies offered, well, with all due respect, you’re extremely persnickety. Right off the bat, I can list Andreas Mouskouri and Manuel Rios as up and coming stars to keep an eye on. Then there’s Phil Sardou, Leon Boisen and Niall Dawson as well. Oh my, did I forget the cuddly Justin Boyd? Heavens to Betsy!

This iBelAmi video showcases not only the directorial debut of Sebastian Bonnet, but also “the best of BelamiOnline Internet Programming.” We’ve virtually seen all twelve episodes online, but once the DVD comes out, we’ll be able to watch them in more loving detail.

This DVD was first presented back in 2006 in the old lower resolution and now we have it reprepared in High res for your enjoyment.

Running Time: 165 mins, Year: 2006

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