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Jack Harrer and Peter Annaud

Once Jack Harrer hears news of a boy that may have a dick bigger than his he is very quick to try and find out if it is true or not… and also to try it out.

We first started filming in earnest with Peter Annaud during one of our trips to South Africa, and thus it happens that Jack manages to find him laying on the beach and taking in some sun.

In what has to be one of the world`s shortest greeting `Hey are you the new guy with the big dick` kind of thing, Jack sets about seeing how he can handle Peter`s big and fat dick.

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Kris Evans and Jack Harrer

We have gone back into the archive a little bit for today`s scene. You have already seen Kris Evans and Jack Harrer together before in `Forever Lukas`, but now I have to confess that the scene we showed you back in 2013 was actually a refilming of this one.

We filmed this pairing for the movie when we were still regularly using condoms, and then decided, that which such a high profile couple, we would need to refilm it without condoms before giving it to you. So todays is the original encounter between Jack and Kris and can also be found on the DVD Kinky and Kris.

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Jack Harrer and Roald Ekberg

For all you Jack Harrer and Roald Ekberg lovers this week is going to be a treat. In addition to today`s scene Jack is also making an appearance in a new scene on KinkyAngels with Adam Archuleta soon.

Jack has basically 3 modes of being, there is Jack the Clown, Jack the Philosopher and Jack the sex maniac. Today we get a sample of the latter 2 in this scene with Roald Ekberg. Whatever Jack can dish out, Roald can certainly take.

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