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Manuel Rios and Gino Mosca

As Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin) gets to know his Captain of the Guard in a Biblical way, Gino Mosca, disguised as a priest, is left to wander the grounds of Castello KinkyAngelo and contemplate.

Gino Mosca finds a quiet spot where he can meditate on our Lord’s most glorious creations (Brother Massimo’s dick). He promptly catches the eye of an unchaste Gardener perfectly played by BelAmi veteran Manuel Rios.

Soon, the gardener is enjoying Gino’s forbidden fruit and fertilizing Gino’s backside. In turn, Gino, the faux-Priest, plants his cockus-erectus inside the gardener’s gluteus maximus as this classic BelAmi outdoor flip-flop redefines “heavenly”

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Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel

We have a pair of our KinkyAngels regulars Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel for you this week as models of the week. Both dark haired and dreamy, Gino and Claude would make a perfect rel world couple.

This photoset was taken in Budapest for us by BelAmi’s own Photographer Eliot Klien.

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Scandal In The Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard Part 3

The See of Rome starts to sizzle during our 3rd scene from Scandal in the Vatican – The Swiss Guard. Kevin Warhol keeps his promise to Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin) and organizes a tryst for him with Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel. The boys have failed, thus far, to score a Swiss Guard.

Though disappointed, their desire is well sated by Brother Massimo’s XXL dick. After fulfilling himself and the boys, Brother Massimo must fulfill the bargain and find the boys some Swiss Guards.

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Scandal in the Vatican – The Swiss Guard Episode 2

Now our story begins. Last time we had a preview of life for Brother Massimo in the Vatican. It is time to start introducing the rest of the players.

Each Scandal in the Vatican 2 update chronicles the quest of our guys to get into the pants of the Swiss Guards. This pursuit stemmed from Kevin Warhol’s online research of recent Vatican scandals involving priests and the Swiss Guard.

Kevin was outraged- that they were having all the fun! If they can do it, why shouldn’t he? So, he teamed up with Claude Sorel and Gino Mosca to put the plan into action. First stop: Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin).

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