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Condom Free: Andre Boleyn and Joel Birkin

All in all we are very lucky that most of our boys have a lot of things in common. They all seem to enjoy sport. They all love animals. Most of them are fascinated by all types of gadgets and last but certainly not least, they all love sex.
There is no sport and no animals here today, but Andre Boleyn and Joel Birkin discover exactly what they do have in common. After showing off his flying skills, Andre sets about demonstrating his other skills to Joel in the only way he knows how.

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Felix Gaul – Adam and Andre shoot huge cumshots all over Felix in this Gang Bang!


Felix Gaul

We did not wish to have two newcomers in one edition. But with KinkyAngels approaching its final stages, how can we deny you, our loyal dear fans one last nostalgic look at the four original members Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta all together?
The only scene available was this one with Felix Gaul. While he is not the cutest of our newbies, he is certainly (as you will see) among our most uninhibited. Let us know if you would like to see more of him. Send an email to George Duroy at

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New DVD: The One and Only Torsten Ullman

Torsten Ullman is one of those rare boys who decided to select a stage name that he came up with by himself. He came to BelAmi more than 2 years ago but George Duroy decided to not release any scenes until now for fear that we would put in a lot of effort and then he would change his mind.

As it turns out that didn’t happen, and by now all his friends know about his career with us and in fact as a result of his work for us, his demand as a hairdresser in a regional town in Czech republic has exploded (Torsten is fairly serious about become the best he can as a hairdresser).
He is also flexible and very sexual with barely any inhibitions. At this point he is part of our ‘Musketeers’ team and will be part of a new reality series George Duroy is planning to shoot around them.

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Coming on January 2016!

View the trailer for Kinky Angels January 2016!
Watch Bastian Dufy, Dylan Maguire, Gino Mosca, Jack Harrer, Jordan Faris, Peter Annaud and Torsten Ullman in the January 2016 issue of Kinky Angels!

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