Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert – Part 2

Kris Evans and Dolph LambertPart Two of this very special flip-flop episode with Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert is our cover scene of the month as well as the feature scene for the DVD Kris & Dolph.

..their lovemaking is sensual, lustful and deeply arousing.

This is the duo our customers have been demanding and sat on the shelves for over a year waiting for the proper moment.

This scene was shot in the summer of 2009 in BelAmi‘s studio in Bratislava.

Given we are talking about Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert, their lovemaking is sensual, lustful and deeply arousing.

Take the free tour and see Kris and Dolph hard and naked!

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7 thoughts on “Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert – Part 2

  1. avatarDaniel Rosales

    Love to see Kris being fuck… As he is so masculine, is really hot to see him bottomig 😛

  2. avatarDaniel Rosales

    Happy to know KRIS EVANS is TOP 1 right now. Congratulations KRIS and keep on giving us the pleasure to seeing you at Belami. You are simply the best:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  3. avatartony

    I have been a porn addict for over 30 years and when that certain guy, that’s ONCE IN A LifetIme, you want to know everything about him, just not the screen sex… and Kris is one!.. love love…

    When he fucks a guy with that big dick and those HUGE balls slapping the bottom’s ass, then he gets the dick…that’s very unusual for a top like him… and I am sure BelAmi had something to do with THAT!… cause we all wanted to know if Kris gets FUCKED…

    YES YES YES and a good fuck he is ALSO….I just want him to SIT on my LAP!!…he’d probably KILL me…he is HUGE , not just the crotch.


  4. avatarWythá

    kris evans e realmente um pedaço de mal caminho,daria qualquer coisa pra trepar com ele como passivo, morreria de tanto tesão, sou ativo e tenho 25cm de vara.

  5. avatarcarloshenrique

    Kris Evans é meu sonho permanente. Pretendo um diar conhecê-lo pessoalmente e cumprimentá-lo na sede da produtora Bel Ami em Praga, na República Tcheca

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