A star is born: Kevin Warhol

Kevin WarholKevin Warhol is a firm favorite of Georges Duroy; “I miss little Kevin, now that we are back from Cape Town. Every morning he slipped in my room and crawled under bottom part of my blanket like a Sioux Indian.

When he felt I had woken up, his smiley face would stick out from underneath the blanket. His –Good Morning, Mr. George! sounded remarkably close to Marylin Monroe’s –Happy birtday, Mr. President!.

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8 thoughts on “A star is born: Kevin Warhol

  1. avatarDaniel Rosales

    Kevin Warhol is so cute and hansome. I am pretty sure he will be a Great Belami Star. Just a bit more of fittnes and he will be perfect.

  2. avatarmilad

    Kevin! I want to have sex with you and suck our dick and fuck our ass and you eat my cum.

  3. avatarleoncio buritica soto

    kevin warhol el mejor de todos, tiene carisma,tiene talento y esta muy bien dotado, me gustaria tener su correo electronico, para saber mas de el, simplemente maravilloso…….

  4. avatarCraig

    I think Kevin is way hot. He’s very talented, and is good at what he does from the looks of it. Great performances, and modeling. I have to admit I have noticed him change physically. I noticed he’s much more toned then when I first saw a film of him back in 2010. I really liked the way he looked back then. He looks great still today. I’m just amazed at how he’s got more muscle definition now. I’d like to know how he does it. I mean I like porn, but I like seeing how the models look, and I inspires me to try harder at getting into better physical shape. I have been working hard for two years and finally I’m noticing good changes in my physic. Heck I’d love to meet Kevin Warhol and spend a week with him “haha” Only to get to know and meet him. I wish I could meet a guy like him. Seriously though, Kevin Warhol seems like a fun guy to hang out with. So yeah to me Kevin Warhol is one of Belami’s hottest models.

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