Bolek Polanski

Bolek Polanski … I gave him a very Polish surname because I have many Polish friends, George Duroy says, and he reminded me of them. His first name was borrowed from a famous Polish childrens cartoon called Lolek y Bolek. When we met Bolek, he was just finishing high school and about to start university (he was already legally of age). In college he studied Physical Education and he eventually became a successful fitness trainer. Although he is excellent at his chosen profession, George remembers Bolek as a very good and successful model. He could bottom, but it was not his thing. He was as reliable a top as Dano Sulik, and that is very high praise indeed! Bolek was soon employed as a long-distance trainer in Prague, meaning he would train the boys who came from faraway cities and would make sure they were ready for filming. Many of our boys had their first sex with Bolek, George says.

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