Manuel Rios and Keanu Faria

Here is Manuel Rios and Keanu Faria in their blowjob special. Kudos to Keanu for even attempting to get that thing down his throat.

Keanu’s mother knows all about her son’s extracurricular activities.

Keanu FariaKeanu Faria became a favorite among our customers and production team after his eye-catching performance in French Kiss.

“Keanu has a good, solid family background,” George Duroy says. “His father owns a furniture company. He gravitated to modeling for reasons other than money.” Keanu’s mother knows all about her son’s extracurricular activities; in fact, Luke Hamill was personally invited to their home for dinner so he could explain about the nature of Keanu’s work in person. As you might imagine, his mother is very broad-minded and understanding.

Keanu’s popularity is perennial and we suspect he will be a favorite of our customers for many years to come.

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