Condom Free Archive: Dario Dolce Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta

Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_headToday’s condom free archive was one of our first attempts at making a home video with Kevin Warhol. Dario Dolce and Adam Archuleta came up with the idea to find out what Kevin would look like if he was able to grow a beard.
Luckily they did it with only cosmetic hair that came off quite easily. You may remember seeing some pictures from this situation a few years back in one of George Duroy‘s little updates, but for today you get the whole scene. The technical quality varies from good to…. well not so great, but the action is good and we hope you will enjoy it.

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Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00000Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00001Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00005Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00011Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00018Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00019Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00021Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00024Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00026Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00031Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00035Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00038Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00045Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00046Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00048Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00050Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00057Dario_Dolce_Kevin Warhol_and_Adam_Archuleta_00060

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