New DVD: The Unstoppable Dylan Maguire


New DVD: The Unstoppable Dylan Maguire

Dylan Maguire is so unbearably cute it makes us want to scream for more. He’s naughty, unruly and unbridled. Meet one of the wildest BelAmi sexual dynamos today: The Unstoppable Dylan Maguire!

When Phillipe Gaudin brought Rhys Jagger for his first interview to the BelAmi office some years ago, Rhys thought the 3 hour drive would be to tedious and boring by himself, so he brought along Dylan as a companion and travelling chatterbox. Once they arrived for the casting, George Duroy decided also to interview Dylan, as both boys were there and had the time to spare.
As much as Rhys was classically beautiful, George felt something lustful, even lascivious in Dylan, so he invited him back again for a training session, and it proved to be one of those trainings where the trainee ends up training the trainer.

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