Greek Salad: Adam Archuleta and Bastian Dufy


BelAmi Pornstar Bastian Dufy

In case any of you are counting, this is our 9th instalment of `Greek Salad`, and it also happens to be the week that we officially start our `Greek Summer` programming season.

To mark the occasion we have scheduled a special update here and instead of the normal documentary feature you actually get one of the full home videos that the boys made during the trip, and Bastian Dufy learns what it means when Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta tell him `We have a little job for you`!

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Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_001Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_002Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_003Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_004Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_005Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_006Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_007Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_008Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_009Adam_Archuleta_and_Bastian Dufy_010

Watch the full movie here »

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