Tony Conrad and Ariel Vanean

Tony_Conrad_and_Ariel_Vanean-01When it comes to cars, I doubt that any of us will ever be going to Tony Conrad to get advise, but then again he did employ a very crafty tale to get Ariel Vanean out to the barn and away from everyone else and reveal his true motives.
Both Tony Conrad and Ariel Vanean are very experienced lovers and can take full advantage of any time, place or situation to grab a few moments of intimacy.
Even if Tony`s haircut here is a little extreme, both boys are in fine shape and demonstrate some very fine oral and fucking skills with each other. Ariel was a popular model before his time away, but he has obviously used the time well in perfecting his lovemaking and we`re sure that he is going to have an even bigger fan base than before.

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