Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister

This is a photoset that we have been looking forward to showing you for some time, Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister must be quite a handful to photograph when they are together. Both of them have such easy and playful personalities, and look so good together that we decided to give you a few extra photos in this special Model of the week update.

The photographer Eliot Klein certainly had a lot of work with this pair and still managed to deliver pictures that are cute and sensual as well as playful and sexy.

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Tony Conrad and Thom Jacobs

Those of you who are members of will need no introduction to Thom Jacobs as he has already appeared in a couple of scenes over there. But this is his first appearance on BelAmiOnline.

As he is relatively new, we have paired him up here with the more experienced Tony Conrad. You can expect to see more of Thom in the future, how much depends on how much you like him.

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Billy Montague and Aldo Belucci

Sometimes there is nothing like a nice, romantic bubble bath to get you in the mood for some lovin`, or at least that is Billy Montague`s plan here today. Our little story revolves around Billy being a `house husband` who is dutifully taking care of his working man husband, Aldo Belucci.

Knowing both guys though, the reality is probably that Billy is the one holding down a regular job and Aldo, if not a `house husband` is much more a gentleman of leisure

Whatever the reality, both guys are really into each other for this scene and give us an outstanding show.. even though we conform with all stereotypes, we have Billy the house husband here bottoming for Aldo.

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Photosession with Robin Michaux

Robin Michaux has it all. This blond college boy has a beautiful sculpted body, a masculine face and charming smile.

But as soon as he takes his underwear off, strokes his big cock and spreads his legs showing us his delicious unused tight hole you realise that this boy has everything you need to be happy in bed. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!

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