Tom Pollock and Roald Ekberg

Sometimes stepping in front of the camera for a photoshoot can be very hard work. As Tom Pollock finds out, playing with his dick for a couple of hours seems to make him uncontrollably horny. Luckily it is not such a big problem if you have someone like Roald Ekberg around to help relieve the tension once you are done!

Both of these guys are totally versatile when it comes to sex, so it was a bit of a coin flip to see who would be topping the other for this scene. Luckily with this coin flip everyone is a winner and Roald gets to be the top and Tom more than happy to be the bottom.

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Manuel Rios and Gino Mosca

As Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin) gets to know his Captain of the Guard in a Biblical way, Gino Mosca, disguised as a priest, is left to wander the grounds of Castello KinkyAngelo and contemplate.

Gino Mosca finds a quiet spot where he can meditate on our Lord’s most glorious creations (Brother Massimo’s dick). He promptly catches the eye of an unchaste Gardener perfectly played by BelAmi veteran Manuel Rios.

Soon, the gardener is enjoying Gino’s forbidden fruit and fertilizing Gino’s backside. In turn, Gino, the faux-Priest, plants his cockus-erectus inside the gardener’s gluteus maximus as this classic BelAmi outdoor flip-flop redefines “heavenly”

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Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister

This is a photoset that we have been looking forward to showing you for some time, Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister must be quite a handful to photograph when they are together. Both of them have such easy and playful personalities, and look so good together that we decided to give you a few extra photos in this special Model of the week update.

The photographer Eliot Klein certainly had a lot of work with this pair and still managed to deliver pictures that are cute and sensual as well as playful and sexy.

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Tony Conrad and Thom Jacobs

Those of you who are members of will need no introduction to Thom Jacobs as he has already appeared in a couple of scenes over there. But this is his first appearance on BelAmiOnline.

As he is relatively new, we have paired him up here with the more experienced Tony Conrad. You can expect to see more of Thom in the future, how much depends on how much you like him.

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